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A coup in Ethiopia overthrows Emperor Haile Selassie in September 1974. Morecambe beat Dartford to win the FA Trophy in April 1974. Two bombs are exploded in Birmingham pubs by the Provisional IRA leaving 21 dead. Two giant pandas, Ching Ching and Chia Chia, arrive in Britain as gifts from China. In November 1974 Lord Lucan disappears after the murder of his children A tube train crash at Moorgate Station in London kills 43 people. The United States evacuates US citizens from Saigon in expectation of a North Vietnamese takeover in April 1975. Former Government minister, John Stonehouse, is found and arrested in Australia having tried to fake his own death. In October 1974 the second General Election of the year results in a victory for the Labour Party. Leeds United secured the Football League Champions title in May 1974.
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