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The rebuilt House of Commons is opened for the first time in October 1950. Post war soap rationing ends in September 1950. The Battle of the Imjin River takes place in the Korean War - a battle noted for the actions of the Chinese forces begin to push into North Korea in November 1950 as they enter the war to support the North Koreans. United Nations forces re-capture Seoul in September 1950. The Stone of Scone, located in Westminster Abbey, is stolen by four Scottish students. Arsenal became the FA Cup holders in April 1950 by beating Liverpool 2-0 in the FA Cup Final. The Amphion Class submarine HMS Affray is lost at sea with the loss of 75 lives. Portsmouth finished top of the First Division in May 1950 to retain the league title. A landslide at Knockshinnoch Castle Colliery kills 13 miners but 116 miners are rescued after being trapped underground for two days.
League Cup
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Saturday 10 February 1951
Birmingham City2 - 0Bristol City
Blackpool2 - 0Mansfield Town
Bristol Rovers3 - 0Hull City
Chelsea1 - 1Fulham
Manchester United1 - 0Arsenal
Stoke City2 - 4Newcastle United
Sunderland3 - 1Norwich City
Wolverhampton Wanderers2 - 0Huddersfield Town