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The city of Smyrna, attacked by Turkish forces, is engulfed in flames leaving thousands dead and many more forced to flee their homes. Mustapha Kemal takes Constantinople and proclaims the Republic of Turkey in November 1922. Dublin Castle is formally handed over to the Irish Republican Army in August 1922 as the last British troops leave. Andrew Bonar Law became British Prime Minister in October 1922. Liverpool became the league title holders in May 1922. Huddersfield Town beat Preston North End by a single goal to become the FA Cup holders in April 1922. Following a march on Rome by Mussolini and his supporters the head of the Italian fascists is asked to form a government in Italy. The Irish Free State officially comes into existence with George V as its monarch. The Russian Empire officially becomes the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. King Constantine I of Greece abdicates the throne following the defeat of Greek forces in the Second Greco-Turkish war.
League Cup
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Wednesday 7 February 1923
Blackburn Rovers0 - 1South Shields (1889)
Huddersfield Town3 - 0Millwall
Southampton1 - 0Chelsea
West Ham United1 - 0Brighton & Hove Albion
Thursday 8 February 1923
Sheffield United3 - 0Middlesbrough