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Britain accuses Russia of poisoning incident in Salisbury. Chelsea regain the Premier League title at the end of the 2016/2017 season. North Korea continues to display its missile launching abilities. York City win the FA Trophy in May 2017. In June 2017 London is struck by a series of terror attacks. Theresa May wins the election in June 2017 but with a reduced majority and diminished authority. South Shields win the FA Vase in May 2017. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry marry in May 2018. Catalonia votes for independence from Spain in a disputed referendum. Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 to become the most successful side in FA Cup history.
Paget Rangers1 - 2Chelmsley Town
Boldmere St Michaels2 - 4Coventry United
Boldmere St Michaels1 - 1Quorn
Boldmere St Michaels5 - 0Wolverhampton Casuals
Boldmere St Michaels0 - 3Shawbury United
Boldmere St Michaels2 - 5Shepshed Dynamo
Boldmere St Michaels0 - 3Chasetown
Paget Rangers3 - 0Wolverhampton Casuals
Boldmere St Michaels6 - 1Coventry Alvis
Boldmere St Michaels3 - 2Long Eaton United
Paget Rangers3 - 2Brocton
Boldmere St Michaels3 - 4Worcester City
Boldmere St Michaels0 - 3Rugby Town
Paget Rangers3 - 3Lichfield City
Paget Rangers2 - 0Uttoxeter Town
Boldmere St Michaels0 - 2Highgate United
Paget Rangers1 - 2Coventry Copsewood
Paget Rangers0 - 4Racing Club Warwick
Boldmere St Michaels3 - 1AFC Wulfrunians
Boldmere St Michaels3 - 2Heanor Town
Paget Rangers2 - 2Pershore Town
Paget Rangers1 - 0Nuneaton Griff
Boldmere St Michaels3 - 3Rocester
Boldmere St Michaels1 - 4Bromsgrove Sporting
Paget Rangers2 - 3Leicester Road
Paget Rangers0 - 1Littleton
Boldmere St Michaels2 - 1Sporting Khalsa
Paget Rangers4 - 0Cadbury Athletic
Boldmere St Michaels3 - 2Loughborough University
Paget Rangers2 - 3Walsall Wood
Boldmere St Michaels1 - 2Haughmond
Boldmere St Michaels1 - 1Coleshill Town
Paget Rangers2 - 6Hinckley AFC
Boldmere St Michaels2 - 1South Normanton Athletic
Boldmere St Michaels2 - 2Coventry Sphinx
Paget Rangers5 - 0Coventry Alvis
Paget Rangers2 - 2Heath Hayes
Paget Rangers3 - 0Stafford Town
Boldmere St Michaels3 - 1Westfields
Boldmere St Michaels1 - 2Lye Town
Paget Rangers3 - 0Bolehall Swifts
Paget Rangers2 - 1Studley
Paget Rangers1 - 4Ilkeston Town
Paget Rangers2 - 6Heather St Johns
Boldmere St Michaels1 - 1Worcester City
Paget Rangers0 - 2Atherstone Town
Boldmere St Michaels3 - 1Stourport Swifts