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Heather St Johns1 - 3Paget Rangers
Hinckley AFC1 - 4Walsall Wood
Hinckley AFC4 - 1Aylestone Park
Hinckley AFC6 - 0Nuneaton Griff
Hinckley AFC3 - 1Paget Rangers
Heather St Johns5 - 3Heath Hayes
Heather St Johns5 - 4Coventry Sphinx
Heather St Johns8 - 0Bolehall Swifts
Heather St Johns3 - 0Rocester
Hinckley AFC6 - 4Brocton
Heather St Johns5 - 2Cadbury Athletic
Hinckley AFC4 - 4Heath Hayes
Heather St Johns2 - 4Ilkeston Town
Hinckley AFC3 - 1Leicester Road
Heather St Johns2 - 2Littleton
Hinckley AFC2 - 0AFC Mansfield
Heather St Johns4 - 0Coventry Alvis
Hinckley AFC4 - 0Stafford Town
Heather St Johns2 - 2Nuneaton Griff
Heather St Johns3 - 1Chelmsley Town
Hinckley AFC3 - 1Deeping Rangers
Heather St Johns7 - 2Coventry Copsewood
Hinckley AFC3 - 4Heather St Johns
Heather St Johns2 - 3Studley
Heather St Johns5 - 3Uttoxeter Town
Heather St Johns2 - 2Atherstone Town
Hinckley AFC1 - 1Studley
Heather St Johns1 - 0Brocton
Hinckley AFC4 - 2Ilkeston Town
Hinckley AFC11 - 1Coventry Alvis
Heather St Johns3 - 1Racing Club Warwick
Heather St Johns1 - 4Leicester Road
Heather St Johns1 - 3Walsall Wood
Hinckley AFC3 - 0Cadbury Athletic
Hinckley AFC3 - 2Pershore Town
Hinckley AFC2 - 3Uttoxeter Town
Hinckley AFC4 - 4Racing Club Warwick
Hinckley AFC3 - 2Coventry Copsewood
Heather St Johns0 - 0Pershore Town
Heather St Johns1 - 6Hinckley AFC
Hinckley AFC0 - 2Littleton
Hinckley AFC3 - 2Chelmsley Town
Hinckley AFC9 - 2Bolehall Swifts
Hinckley AFC1 - 4Atherstone Town
Heather St Johns3 - 0Lichfield City
Heather St Johns5 - 0Stafford Town
Hinckley AFC1 - 0Lichfield City