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Zebra crossings are introduced into the law in Britain in October 1951. The first TV Detector Van is commissioned in Britain to try and ensure that more people pay their TV Licence. King George VI dies in February 1952 having long suffered with lung cancer. Josef Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union, announces that his country possesses an atomic bomb. The De Havilland Comet becomes the world Tottenham Hotspur secured the Football League title in May 1951. A military coup brings General Fulgencio Batista to power in Cuba. Crowds gather outside Buckingham Palace after King George VI has an operation to move part of his lung. Newcastle United beat Blackpool 2 - 0 to win the FA Cup in April 1951. Sir Winston Churchill became British Prime Minster in October 1951.
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Saturday 23 February 1952
FA Cup
League Standings Prior To This Game
Football League Division 2
Saturday 16 February 1952
14Notts County3113414564430
16Swansea Town3110912573629
18Doncaster Rovers319913403827
Football League Division 1
Saturday 16 February 1952
4Newcastle United301479752635
5Preston North End3113810573634
6Tottenham Hotspur3114611543834
Swansea Town   0 - 1   Newcastle United
League Standings After This Game
Football League Division 2
Saturday 23 February 1952
15Notts County3113414564430
17Swansea Town3110912573629
18Doncaster Rovers319913403827
19Coventry City3111515434827
Football League Division 1
Saturday 23 February 1952
4Tottenham Hotspur3215611553836
5Newcastle United301479752635
6Preston North End3213811573634
7Aston Villa3114611554434
 Total number of games played: 47
 Wins for Swansea Town:15 (31.91 %)
 Wins for Newcastle United:25 (53.19 %)
 Drawn games:7 (14.89 %)
 Goals for Swansea Town:56 (average per game: 1.19)
 Goals for Newcastle United:89 (average per game: 1.89)
 Number of games played:23
 Wins for Swansea Town:9 (39.13 %)
 Wins for Newcastle United:12 (52.17 %)
 Drawn games:2 (8.70 %)
 Goals for Swansea Town:32 (average per game: 1.39)
 Goals for Newcastle United:29 (average per game: 1.26)
 Number of games played:24
 Wins for Newcastle United:13 (54.17 %)
 Wins for Swansea Town:6 (25.00 %)
 Drawn games:5 (20.83 %)
 Goals for Newcastle United:60 (average per game: 2.50)
 Goals for Swansea Town:24 (average per game: 1.00)
 Number of games played:0
Wins for Swansea Town:0 (0.00 %)
Wins for Newcastle United:0 (0.00 %)
Drawn games:0 (0.00 %)
 Goals for Swansea Town:0 (average per game: 0.00)
 Goals for Newcastle United:0 (average per game: 0.00)
Sat 13 Jan 2018BPLNewcastle United1 - 1Swansea CityAttendance: 51644
Sun 10 Sep 2017BPLSwansea City0 - 1Newcastle UnitedAttendance: 20872
Sat 16 Apr 2016BPLNewcastle United3 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: 48949
Sat 15 Aug 2015BPLSwansea City2 - 0Newcastle UnitedAttendance: 20678
Sat 25 Apr 2015BPLNewcastle United2 - 3Swansea CityAttendance: 46884
Sat 4 Oct 2014BPLSwansea City2 - 2Newcastle UnitedAttendance: 20622
Sat 19 Apr 2014BPLNewcastle United1 - 2Swansea CityAttendance: 51057
Wed 4 Dec 2013BPLSwansea City3 - 0Newcastle UnitedAttendance: 20457
Sat 2 Mar 2013BPLSwansea City1 - 0Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 17 Nov 2012BPLNewcastle United1 - 2Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Fri 6 Apr 2012BPLSwansea City0 - 2Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 17 Dec 2011BPLNewcastle United0 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 13 Feb 2010FLCSwansea City1 - 1Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 28 Nov 2009FLCNewcastle United3 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 28 Jan 1995FAC: R4Newcastle United3 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 31 Mar 1984CLD2Newcastle United2 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sun 16 Oct 1983CLD2Swansea City1 - 2Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 13 Dec 1980FLD2Swansea City4 - 0Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 18 Oct 1980FLD2Newcastle United1 - 2Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 19 Apr 1980FLD2Newcastle United1 - 3Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 24 Nov 1979FLD2Swansea City2 - 3Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 27 Mar 1965FLD2Newcastle United3 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 9 Jan 1965FAC: R3Swansea Town1 - 0Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 14 Nov 1964FLD2Swansea Town3 - 1Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Tue 17 Mar 1964FLD2Swansea Town0 - 1Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 5 Oct 1963FLD2Newcastle United4 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 16 Mar 1963FLD2Swansea Town1 - 0Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 27 Oct 1962FLD2Newcastle United6 - 0Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Fri 2 Feb 1962FLD2Swansea Town3 - 2Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 16 Sep 1961FLD2Newcastle United2 - 2Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Wed 14 Jan 1953FAC: R3Newcastle United3 - 0Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 23 Feb 1952FAC: R5Swansea Town0 - 1Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 4 Jan 1947FLD2Swansea Town1 - 2Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 7 Sep 1946FLD2Newcastle United1 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 2 Sep 1939FLD2Newcastle United8 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 22 Apr 1939FLD2Newcastle United1 - 2Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 17 Dec 1938FLD2Swansea Town0 - 1Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 30 Apr 1938FLD2Swansea Town2 - 0Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 18 Dec 1937FLD2Newcastle United1 - 0Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 17 Apr 1937FLD2Swansea Town1 - 2Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 12 Dec 1936FLD2Newcastle United5 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 11 Apr 1936FLD2Newcastle United2 - 0Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 26 Oct 1935FLD2Swansea Town1 - 2Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 16 Feb 1935FLD2Newcastle United5 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 6 Oct 1934FLD2Swansea Town3 - 4Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 6 Feb 1915FAC: R2RSwansea Town0 - 2Newcastle UnitedAttendance: NA
Sat 30 Jan 1915FAC: R2Newcastle United1 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA