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An earthquake creates a tsunami that causes devastation in parts of Japan. Chelsea are the FA Cup holders after completing the double in the previous season. An earthquake causes widespread destruction on the South Island of New Zealand. Barrow are the holders of the FA Trophy. Fidel Castro steps down from the Central Committee of Cuba Whitley Bay are the holders of the FA Vase for the second consecutive season. Serbia beat France to win the Davis Cup in tennis. Osama Bin Laden is tracked down and killed by United States Special Forces in Pakistan. Chelsea won previous season Anti Mubarak demonstrators fill the streets of Cairo.
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Saturday 15 January 2011
npower Football League
League Standings Prior To This Game
npower Football League Football League Championship (Tier 2)
Tuesday 04 January 2011
2Cardiff City251348402043
3Norwich City251276413843
4Swansea City261349311043
5Leeds United261187464841
npower Football League Football League Championship (Tier 2)
Tuesday 04 January 2011
21Sheffield United257513254226
22Crystal Palace257414262625
23Scunthorpe United237214264223
24Preston North End245415274219
Swansea City   3 - 0   Crystal Palace
League Standings After This Game
npower Football League Football League Championship (Tier 2)
Saturday 15 January 2011
1Queens Park Rangers2613103441849
2Swansea City271449341046
3Cardiff City261358412044
4Norwich City261286424044
5Leeds United271287504844
npower Football League Football League Championship (Tier 2)
Saturday 15 January 2011
20Ipswich Town258413273228
21Sheffield United267613254227
22Crystal Palace267415262625
23Scunthorpe United247215264223
24Preston North End255515284420
 Total number of games played: 31
 Wins for Swansea City:13 (41.94 %)
 Wins for Crystal Palace:7 (22.58 %)
 Drawn games:11 (35.48 %)
 Goals for Swansea City:44 (average per game: 1.42)
 Goals for Crystal Palace:35 (average per game: 1.13)
 Number of games played:16
 Wins for Swansea City:7 (43.75 %)
 Wins for Crystal Palace:2 (12.50 %)
 Drawn games:7 (43.75 %)
 Goals for Swansea City:25 (average per game: 1.56)
 Goals for Crystal Palace:16 (average per game: 1.00)
 Number of games played:15
 Wins for Crystal Palace:5 (33.33 %)
 Wins for Swansea City:6 (40.00 %)
 Drawn games:4 (26.67 %)
 Goals for Crystal Palace:19 (average per game: 1.27)
 Goals for Swansea City:19 (average per game: 1.27)
 Number of games played:0
Wins for Swansea City:0 (0.00 %)
Wins for Crystal Palace:0 (0.00 %)
Drawn games:0 (0.00 %)
 Goals for Swansea City:0 (average per game: 0.00)
 Goals for Crystal Palace:0 (average per game: 0.00)
Sat 23 Dec 2017BPLSwansea City1 - 1Crystal PalaceAttendance: 20354
Sat 26 Aug 2017BPLCrystal Palace0 - 2Swansea CityAttendance: 23477
Tue 3 Jan 2017BPLCrystal Palace1 - 2Swansea CityAttendance: 24913
Sat 26 Nov 2016BPLSwansea City5 - 4Crystal PalaceAttendance: 20276
Sat 6 Feb 2016BPLSwansea City1 - 1Crystal PalaceAttendance: 20492
Mon 28 Dec 2015BPLCrystal Palace0 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: 23714
Sun 24 May 2015BPLCrystal Palace1 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: 25076
Sat 29 Nov 2014BPLSwansea City1 - 1Crystal PalaceAttendance: 20240
Sun 2 Mar 2014BPLSwansea City1 - 1Crystal PalaceAttendance: 20240
Sun 22 Sep 2013BPLCrystal Palace0 - 2Swansea CityAttendance: 22466
Sat 15 Jan 2011FLCSwansea City3 - 0Crystal PalaceAttendance: NA
Sat 30 Oct 2010FLCCrystal Palace0 - 3Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Tue 9 Feb 2010FLCCrystal Palace0 - 1Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Mon 28 Dec 2009FLCSwansea City0 - 0Crystal PalaceAttendance: NA
Sat 14 Mar 2009FLCSwansea City1 - 3Crystal PalaceAttendance: NA
Sat 13 Sep 2008FLCCrystal Palace2 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 5 May 1984CLD2Crystal Palace2 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 3 Dec 1983CLD2Swansea City1 - 0Crystal PalaceAttendance: NA
Mon 14 Jan 1980FAC: R3RSwansea City2 - 1Crystal PalaceAttendance: NA
Tue 8 Jan 1980FAC: R3RCrystal Palace3 - 3Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 5 Jan 1980FAC: R3Swansea City2 - 2Crystal PalaceAttendance: NA
Sat 19 Dec 1964FLD2Crystal Palace3 - 3Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 29 Aug 1964FLD2Swansea Town2 - 1Crystal PalaceAttendance: NA
Thu 2 Sep 1948FLD3SSwansea Town3 - 0Crystal PalaceAttendance: NA
Wed 25 Aug 1948FLD3SCrystal Palace1 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 27 Mar 1948FLD3SCrystal Palace4 - 0Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 8 Nov 1947FLD3SSwansea Town2 - 0Crystal PalaceAttendance: NA
Sat 11 Dec 1920FLD3SCrystal Palace0 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 4 Dec 1920FLD3SSwansea Town0 - 0Crystal PalaceAttendance: NA
Sat 3 Apr 1920SLCrystal Palace2 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 22 Nov 1919SLSwansea Town0 - 1Crystal PalaceAttendance: NA