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In June 2017 London is struck by a series of terror attacks. South Shields win the FA Vase in May 2017. Catalonia votes for independence from Spain in a disputed referendum. York City win the FA Trophy in May 2017. North Korea continues to display its missile launching abilities. Theresa May wins the election in June 2017 but with a reduced majority and diminished authority. Chelsea regain the Premier League title at the end of the 2016/2017 season. Britain accuses Russia of poisoning incident in Salisbury. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry marry in May 2018. Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 to become the most successful side in FA Cup history.
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Saturday 17 March 2018
Barclays Premier League
League Standings Prior To This Game
Barclays Premier League
Monday 12 March 2018
11Brighton & Hove Albion3081012284234
12AFC Bournemouth308913355433
13Newcastle United308814303032
14Swansea City308715253831
Barclays Premier League
Monday 12 March 2018
16West Ham United307914364030
18Crystal Palace306915284627
19Stoke City306915284627
20West Bromwich Albion3031116234820
AFC Bournemouth   2 - 1   West Bromwich Albion
League Standings After This Game
Barclays Premier League
Saturday 17 March 2018
8Leicester City30101010453440
10AFC Bournemouth319913375636
12Brighton & Hove Albion3081012284234
Barclays Premier League
Saturday 17 March 2018
16Crystal Palace317915304630
17West Ham United307914364030
19Stoke City316916295027
20West Bromwich Albion3131117244820
 Total number of games played: 21
 Wins for AFC Bournemouth:8 (38.10 %)
 Wins for West Bromwich Albion:9 (42.86 %)
 Drawn games:4 (19.05 %)
 Goals for AFC Bournemouth:22 (average per game: 1.05)
 Goals for West Bromwich Albion:30 (average per game: 1.43)
 Number of games played:12
 Wins for AFC Bournemouth:7 (58.33 %)
 Wins for West Bromwich Albion:3 (25.00 %)
 Drawn games:2 (16.67 %)
 Goals for AFC Bournemouth:16 (average per game: 1.33)
 Goals for West Bromwich Albion:14 (average per game: 1.17)
 Number of games played:9
 Wins for West Bromwich Albion:6 (66.67 %)
 Wins for AFC Bournemouth:1 (11.11 %)
 Drawn games:2 (22.22 %)
 Goals for West Bromwich Albion:16 (average per game: 1.78)
 Goals for AFC Bournemouth:6 (average per game: 0.67)
 Number of games played:0
Wins for AFC Bournemouth:0 (0.00 %)
Wins for West Bromwich Albion:0 (0.00 %)
Drawn games:0 (0.00 %)
 Goals for AFC Bournemouth:0 (average per game: 0.00)
 Goals for West Bromwich Albion:0 (average per game: 0.00)
Sat 17 Mar 2018BPLAFC Bournemouth2 - 1West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: 10242
Sat 12 Aug 2017BPLWest Bromwich Albion1 - 0AFC BournemouthAttendance: 25011
Sat 25 Feb 2017BPLWest Bromwich Albion2 - 1AFC BournemouthAttendance: 24162
Sat 10 Sep 2016BPLAFC Bournemouth1 - 0West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: 11184
Sat 7 May 2016BPLAFC Bournemouth1 - 1West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: 11040
Sat 19 Dec 2015BPLWest Bromwich Albion1 - 2AFC BournemouthAttendance: 26127
Tue 28 Oct 2014FLC: R4AFC Bournemouth2 - 1West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: 11296
Tue 23 Aug 2011FLC: R2AFC Bournemouth1 - 4West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: NA
Tue 14 Aug 2007FLC: R1West Bromwich Albion1 - 0AFC BournemouthAttendance: NA
Sat 2 Jan 1999FAC: R3AFC Bournemouth1 - 0West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: NA
Tue 26 Jan 1993BLD2AFC Bournemouth0 - 1West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: NA
Sat 29 Aug 1992BLD2West Bromwich Albion2 - 1AFC BournemouthAttendance: NA
Sat 22 Feb 1992AFC Bournemouth2 - 1West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: NA
Sat 11 Jan 1992West Bromwich Albion4 - 0AFC BournemouthAttendance: NA
Sat 9 Dec 1989BLD2West Bromwich Albion2 - 2AFC BournemouthAttendance: NA
Tue 22 Aug 1989BLD2AFC Bournemouth1 - 1West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: NA
Sat 4 Feb 1989BLD2AFC Bournemouth2 - 1West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: NA
Wed 5 Oct 1988BLD2West Bromwich Albion0 - 0AFC BournemouthAttendance: NA
Mon 28 Dec 1987BLD2AFC Bournemouth3 - 2West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: NA
Sat 19 Sep 1987BLD2West Bromwich Albion3 - 0AFC BournemouthAttendance: NA
Sat 8 Jan 1955FAC: R3Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic0 - 1West Bromwich AlbionAttendance: NA