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Federal elections in Germany see the SPD remain the largest party with almost a third of the votes. Iraq gains independence from Britain in December 1927. Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Newcastle United became the Champions of the Football League in May 1927. Cardiff City take the FA Cup back to Wales after beating Arsenal in the FA Cup Final in April 1927. The River Thames floods in London leading to the deaths of 14 from drowning. The forces of Chiang Kai-shek take Beijing in June 1928. The Australian sport of Speedway is first demonstrated in England. The Royal Tweed Bridge at Berwick-upon-Tweed is opened in May 1928. John Logie Baird demonstrates the world
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Monday 30 April 1928
Football League
League Standings Prior To This Game
Football League Division 2
Saturday 28 April 1928
15Notts County41121217665036
17Wolverhampton Wanderers4013819626034
Football League Division 2
Saturday 28 April 1928
4Preston North End4121911944851
5Stoke City4121812733250
6Swansea Town40181012743446
7West Bromwich Albion41171113905645
8Oldham Athletic4118815703644
Wolverhampton Wanderers   1 - 1   Swansea Town
League Standings After This Game
Football League Division 2
Monday 30 April 1928
15Notts County41121217665036
16Wolverhampton Wanderers4113919636235
Football League Division 2
Monday 30 April 1928
4Preston North End4121911944851
5Stoke City4121812733250
6Swansea Town41181112753447
7West Bromwich Albion41171113905645
8Oldham Athletic4118815703644
 Total number of games played: 34
 Wins for Wolverhampton Wanderers:14 (41.18 %)
 Wins for Swansea Town:9 (26.47 %)
 Drawn games:11 (32.35 %)
 Goals for Wolverhampton Wanderers:63 (average per game: 1.85)
 Goals for Swansea Town:52 (average per game: 1.53)
 Number of games played:17
 Wins for Wolverhampton Wanderers:8 (47.06 %)
 Wins for Swansea Town:3 (17.65 %)
 Drawn games:6 (35.29 %)
 Goals for Wolverhampton Wanderers:32 (average per game: 1.88)
 Goals for Swansea Town:21 (average per game: 1.24)
 Number of games played:17
 Wins for Swansea Town:6 (35.29 %)
 Wins for Wolverhampton Wanderers:6 (35.29 %)
 Drawn games:5 (29.41 %)
 Goals for Swansea Town:31 (average per game: 1.82)
 Goals for Wolverhampton Wanderers:31 (average per game: 1.82)
 Number of games played:0
Wins for Wolverhampton Wanderers:0 (0.00 %)
Wins for Swansea Town:0 (0.00 %)
Drawn games:0 (0.00 %)
 Goals for Wolverhampton Wanderers:0 (average per game: 0.00)
 Goals for Swansea Town:0 (average per game: 0.00)
Wed 17 Jan 2018FAC: R3RSwansea City2 - 1Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: 8294
Sat 6 Jan 2018FAC: R3Wolverhampton Wanderers0 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: 22976
Sat 28 Apr 2012BPLSwansea City4 - 4Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 22 Oct 2011BPLWolverhampton Wanderers2 - 2Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Tue 28 Oct 2008CCCWolverhampton Wanderers2 - 1Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 4 Oct 2008CCCSwansea City3 - 1Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Wed 11 Sep 2002FLC: R1Swansea City2 - 3Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 22 Apr 1989Wolverhampton Wanderers1 - 1Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 24 Sep 1988Swansea City0 - 5Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 23 Apr 1988Wolverhampton Wanderers2 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Tue 3 Nov 1987Swansea City1 - 2Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 14 Mar 1987Wolverhampton Wanderers4 - 0Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 18 Oct 1986Swansea City1 - 0Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 25 Jan 1986Swansea City0 - 2Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 14 Sep 1985Wolverhampton Wanderers1 - 5Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 20 Mar 1982FLD1Wolverhampton Wanderers0 - 1Swansea CityAttendance: NA
Sat 31 Oct 1981FLD1Swansea City0 - 0Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Wed 4 Sep 1968FLC: R2Wolverhampton Wanderers1 - 0Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Thu 5 Jan 1956FAC: R3Wolverhampton Wanderers5 - 3Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 8 Jan 1938FAC: R3Swansea Town0 - 4Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 5 Mar 1932FLD2Swansea Town1 - 1Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 24 Oct 1931FLD2Wolverhampton Wanderers2 - 0Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 18 Apr 1931FLD2Swansea Town1 - 1Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 13 Dec 1930FLD2Wolverhampton Wanderers3 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 18 Jan 1930FLD2Swansea Town2 - 2Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 14 Sep 1929FLD2Wolverhampton Wanderers4 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 30 Mar 1929FLD2Swansea Town2 - 0Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 17 Nov 1928FLD2Wolverhampton Wanderers0 - 0Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Mon 30 Apr 1928FLD2Wolverhampton Wanderers1 - 1Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 17 Sep 1927FLD2Swansea Town6 - 0Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 22 Jan 1927FLD2Swansea Town4 - 1Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA
Sat 4 Sep 1926FLD2Wolverhampton Wanderers2 - 2Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 6 Feb 1926FLD2Wolverhampton Wanderers2 - 3Swansea TownAttendance: NA
Sat 26 Sep 1925FLD2Swansea Town2 - 4Wolverhampton WanderersAttendance: NA