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Eight British Army personnel are killed in Jerusalem by Jewish terrorists. The Government of Clement Attlee nationalises the Coal Industry in Britain in 1947. Everton won the last League Championship before the outbreak of war lead to the suspension of the Football League. Earl Mountbatten of Burma is appointed the last Viceroy of India. Vietnamese rebel leader Ho Chi Minh begins to attack French forces as war breaks out in Indo China. A mass squat is organized by the Communist Party in London in 1946 to try and help relieve homelessness. The first Pontins Holiday Camp is opened at Brean Sands in Somerset in 1946. Derby County won the first post war FA Cup Final in April 1946 by beating Charlton Athletic by four goals to one. Stevenage, in Hertfordshire, is designated as a new town to help relieve the pressure on housing in London. France bombards the Vietnamese city of Haiphong in retaliation after a French Patrol Boat had been fired on by the Viet Minh.
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Saturday 19 April 1947
Football League
League Standings Prior To This Game
Football League Division 1
Saturday 12 April 1947
14Derby County3515416664834
Football League Division 1
Saturday 12 April 1947
18Blackburn Rovers3612717375031
19Charlton Athletic3510817495428
20Huddersfield Town3611619484228
22Leeds United356524405217
Chelsea   1 - 0   Huddersfield Town
League Standings After This Game
Football League Division 1
Saturday 19 April 1947
9Sheffield United3316611704638
Football League Division 1
Saturday 19 April 1947
18Blackburn Rovers3712718375031
19Charlton Athletic3610917515829
20Huddersfield Town3711620484228
22Leeds United366624415418
 Total number of games played: 67
 Wins for Chelsea:30 (44.78 %)
 Wins for Huddersfield Town:27 (40.30 %)
 Drawn games:10 (14.93 %)
 Goals for Chelsea:102 (average per game: 1.52)
 Goals for Huddersfield Town:94 (average per game: 1.40)
 Number of games played:35
 Wins for Chelsea:17 (48.57 %)
 Wins for Huddersfield Town:10 (28.57 %)
 Drawn games:8 (22.86 %)
 Goals for Chelsea:58 (average per game: 1.66)
 Goals for Huddersfield Town:36 (average per game: 1.03)
 Number of games played:32
 Wins for Huddersfield Town:17 (53.13 %)
 Wins for Chelsea:13 (40.63 %)
 Drawn games:2 (6.25 %)
 Goals for Huddersfield Town:58 (average per game: 1.81)
 Goals for Chelsea:44 (average per game: 1.38)
 Number of games played:0
Wins for Chelsea:0 (0.00 %)
Wins for Huddersfield Town:0 (0.00 %)
Drawn games:0 (0.00 %)
 Goals for Chelsea:0 (average per game: 0.00)
 Goals for Huddersfield Town:0 (average per game: 0.00)
Sat 11 Aug 2018BPLHuddersfield Town0 - 3ChelseaAttendance: 24121
Wed 9 May 2018BPLChelsea1 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: 38910
Tue 12 Dec 2017BPLHuddersfield Town1 - 3ChelseaAttendance: 24169
Sat 16 Feb 2008FAC: R5Chelsea3 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 7 Jan 2006FAC: R3Chelsea2 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Wed 13 Oct 1999FLC: R3Chelsea0 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 4 Feb 1984CLD2Chelsea3 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 1 Oct 1983CLD2Huddersfield Town2 - 3ChelseaAttendance: NA
Wed 12 Jan 1983FAC: R3RChelsea2 - 0Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 8 Jan 1983FAC: R3Huddersfield Town1 - 1ChelseaAttendance: NA
Mon 20 Sep 1976FLC: R3Chelsea2 - 0Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 8 Jan 1972FLD1Chelsea2 - 2Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 28 Aug 1971FLD1Huddersfield Town1 - 2ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 20 Mar 1971FLD1Chelsea0 - 0Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 7 Nov 1970FLD1Huddersfield Town0 - 1ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 28 Jan 1967FAC: R3Huddersfield Town1 - 2ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 25 Jan 1964FAC: R4Chelsea1 - 2Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 2 Mar 1963FLD2Chelsea1 - 2Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 13 Oct 1962FLD2Huddersfield Town1 - 0ChelseaAttendance: NA
Mon 29 Aug 1955FLD1Chelsea0 - 0Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Wed 24 Aug 1955FLD1Huddersfield Town1 - 3ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 26 Feb 1955FLD1Chelsea4 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 9 Oct 1954FLD1Huddersfield Town1 - 0ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 23 Jan 1954FLD1Chelsea2 - 2Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 12 Sep 1953FLD1Huddersfield Town3 - 1ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 19 Jan 1952FLD1Huddersfield Town1 - 0ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 15 Sep 1951FLD1Chelsea2 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Wed 18 Apr 1951FLD1Huddersfield Town2 - 1ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 2 Sep 1950FLD1Chelsea1 - 2Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 1 Apr 1950FLD1Chelsea3 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 12 Nov 1949FLD1Huddersfield Town1 - 2ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 2 Apr 1949FLD1Chelsea5 - 0Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 6 Nov 1948FLD1Huddersfield Town3 - 4ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 17 Jan 1948FLD1Chelsea2 - 4Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 6 Sep 1947FLD1Huddersfield Town3 - 1ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 19 Apr 1947FLD1Chelsea1 - 0Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 14 Dec 1946FLD1Huddersfield Town1 - 4ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 15 Apr 1939FLD1Huddersfield Town3 - 1ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 10 Dec 1938FLD1Chelsea3 - 0Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 16 Apr 1938FLD1Huddersfield Town1 - 2ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 4 Dec 1937FLD1Chelsea3 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 27 Mar 1937FLD1Chelsea0 - 0Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 21 Nov 1936FLD1Huddersfield Town4 - 2ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 4 Apr 1936FLD1Chelsea1 - 0Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 2 Nov 1935FLD1Huddersfield Town2 - 0ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 23 Feb 1935FLD1Huddersfield Town3 - 0ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 13 Oct 1934FLD1Chelsea2 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 9 Sep 1933FLD1Chelsea2 - 3Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Mon 4 Sep 1933FLD1Huddersfield Town6 - 1ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 7 Jan 1933FLD1Chelsea0 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 3 Sep 1932FLD1Huddersfield Town2 - 0ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 16 Jan 1932FLD1Huddersfield Town2 - 1ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 5 Sep 1931FLD1Chelsea0 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Wed 18 Feb 1931FLD1Chelsea1 - 2Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 11 Oct 1930FLD1Huddersfield Town1 - 1ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 26 Jan 1924FLD1Chelsea0 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 19 Jan 1924FLD1Huddersfield Town0 - 1ChelseaAttendance: NA
Fri 8 Dec 1922FLD1Huddersfield Town3 - 0ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 2 Dec 1922FLD1Chelsea2 - 2Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 6 May 1922FLD1Huddersfield Town2 - 0ChelseaAttendance: NA
Mon 10 Apr 1922FLD1Chelsea1 - 0Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 16 Apr 1921FLD1Chelsea1 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Sat 9 Apr 1921FLD1Huddersfield Town2 - 0ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 23 Mar 1912FLD2Huddersfield Town1 - 3ChelseaAttendance: NA
Sat 18 Nov 1911FLD2Chelsea3 - 1Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA
Tue 18 Apr 1911FLD2Huddersfield Town3 - 1ChelseaAttendance: NA
Mon 20 Mar 1911FLD2Chelsea2 - 0Huddersfield TownAttendance: NA